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  1. Title of the Book    –    Untouchable
  2. Writer                      –    Mulk Raj Anand
  3. Publication             –    Penguin Book Pvt Ltd.  New Delhi
  4. Price                        –   200 Rs.
  5. Page                        –   148
  • Ø About Author

Mulk Raj Anand one of the most highly regarded Indian novelists writing in english was born in Peshawar 1905. He was educated at the Universities of Lahore, London, and Cambridge and  lived in England for many years.

Finally, setlling in a village in western India after the war. From 1948 to 1966 Mulk Raj Anand taught of different Universities of India. He was the chairman of National Academy of Arts.

His main concern has always been for ‘ The creature in the lower depth of Indian Society who were men and women : the rejected, who had no way to articulate their ,anguish against the oppressors. His novel on humanism have been translated into several world language.

Some more other fiction has been created by Mulk Raj Anand .these are –

  1. Coolie – 1936
  2. The Sword and The Sickle – 1942
  3. The Bubble – 1988 etc.

After the long journey of writing Mulk Raj Anand has died on 28 sep. 2004. But he is still alive in his remarkable creations.

  • Ø Publications History

The book was published first in 1935. Later    edition carried a forward writing by E.M. Forster in 2004. A commemorative edition including this book was launched by Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh.

About Books

The ‘Untouchable’ has become one of the remarkable and controversial novel by Mulk Raj Anand. The story of this novel invokes the problems faced by low caste people in India.

‘Untouchable’ by Mulk Raj Anand deal with an issue that still poses as a problem in contemporary India.

The story ‘Untouchable’ was inspired by the author’s childhood memories of a low caste sweeper boy named ‘Bakha’.

‘Bakha’ is 18 years old proud, Strong, and Able bodied. The ‘Untouchable’ narrates his suffering and a number of humiliations in the course of his day is narrated in details. A child (Mulk Raj Anand) of Modern India, who believes that he is superior as compared to his fellow – outcaste, however due to his low birth ‘Bakha’ does the work the work of a sweeper.

A particular incident occurs in the morning and of towards shadows the rest of the day. Over the course of the day he is slapped in public for ‘polluting’ an upper caste Hindu through an accidental touch and has food thrown at him by another person after he cleans her toilet. That was one day Mulk Raj Anand get injured and who carried home by ‘Bakha’ who belongs to low caste.

However in return of his good work the boy was beaten by Anand’s mother for touching her son.

Same thing has happened with her sister also.

His sister is molested by a priest , he is blamed for an injury received by a young boy following a melee after a hockey match and he is thrown out of his house by his father.


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